Ambulatory Medical Detoxification

Medical Detoxification New York City
Medication Management New York City

Offers discreet, ambulatory detoxification treatment for all substances

  • Nicotine
  • Alcohol
  • Opiates and Opiate based Prescriptions
  • Anti-anxiety medications
HELP Provides:
  • Individual assessments by specialists in Addiction Medicine
  • Comprehensive Medical Examination
  • Individual, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Specialized Group Therapy
  • Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychopharmacology and Medication Management
Ambulatory Goals
  • To decrease and prevent the chance of medical complications of withdrawal.
  • To provide the comfort required during the detoxification process.
  • To develop skills required to maintain abstinence.


HELP offers an array of addiction medicine services, medical outpatient detoxification, methadone to abstinence, suboxone and vivitrol treatment. HELP is licensed by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS). HELP is accredited by CARF International. There are innumerable options to choose from in our outpatient detoxification programs, based here in our New York City offices at Harlem East Life Plan. Now you and your loved ones can bravely fight addiction. Our medical detoxification services by Harlem East Life Plan are led by professionals who will guide you and assist you in making the best sensible decisions for choosing us as your detoxification facility, based in New York City.