Harlem East Life Plan (Help) Intensive Outpatient Program

The mission of the HELP Outpatient Intensive Outpatient Program will be to deliver recovery-oriented services to individuals who are experiencing an acute episode of mental illness.

The HELP Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) strives to improve the mental health needs of New York City Residents. HELP IOP is committed to providing an intensive high level of mental health care.

The HELP Intensive Outpatient Program will provide a complete array of mental health intensive outpatient services to individuals experiencing an acute episode of mental illness. The program will be staffed by an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals with competencies in treating individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis that places them at risk of inpatient hospitalization.

HELP IOP is designed for those who are experiencing an acute exacerbation of symptoms that without the benefit of the IOP level of service would require a referral to an inpatient setting. Treatment would include individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and medication management especially focused on inter-personal and situational program solving and crisis management. Therapeutic interventions will be flexible enough to change daily, as needed. Psychopharmacological interventions will be equally flexible and may also involve daily adjustments.

For more information, call Anthony Pick, LCSW, Clinical Director at HELP Counseling Center, (212) 876-2300 ext.124