Medication Assistance Program (MAP)

Medication Management New York City

Methadone is a synthetic opioid used to treat individuals suffering from opioid addiction in a safe and controlled manner. Methadone controls withdrawal symptoms and prevents opioid abuse. Patients in the Medication Assistance Program receive a blocking dose of the synthetic opioid which curbs cravings from heroin.

MAP services are offered in conjunction with the Addiction Individual and Group Counseling Individual treatment plans developed to address all of the patients individual needs.

Harlem East Life Plan provides medication assistance to individuals who are in need of opioid treatment. HELP uses methadone to abstinence or methadone maintenance to treat individuals that are addicted and have a documented history of opioid abuse. HELP treats individuals who have a history of an opioid addiction and require medication intervention. Medication is utilized in conjunction with individual and group counseling to guide individuals to sobriety. Specially designed clusters are organized to ensure individual’s needs are met and receive the medical supervision from addiction medicine board certified doctors and counseling specialists. HELP saves lives, families, housing and/or employment. HELP has the ability to educate individuals on the benefits of sobriety and methods to maintain recovery.